Alberta Conference

Dr Josef Stutz

Audio File of Dr Stutz Presentation
July 4 – Afternoon of Learning
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Key Note Speaker ​​Lipedema 101- Not All Fat is Created Equal

In his presentation, Dr Stutz will focus on diagnosis and treatment including etiology and diagnostic criteria; differentiating lipedema from obesity,lymphedema, and other adipose disorders; complications and co-morbidities; and conservative and operative therapy, including a detailed explanation of WAL therapeutic liposuction.​

Dr. Stutz is a vascular surgeon who has been successfully treating lipedema with liposuction for twenty years.  He pioneered the use of water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL), a method which had been previously used for surgery on soft tissues such as the brain and liver. Using WAL, Dr. Stutz is able to operate even on late-stage lipo-lymphedema patients.
He is a frequent speaker at medical conferences on lipedema, and regularly collaborates with colleagues to demonstrate his techniques. His wife Jutta assists him in his practice in Bavaria.