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Commonly referred to as
Fat Legs, Heavy Legs, Piano Legs, Trunk Legs,
​”The Disease They Call Fat”
most often misdiagnosed as ​obesity

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What is Lipedema ?

Lipedema (spelled Lipoedema in Europe) is a chronic condition that occurs almost exclusively in women and manifests as symmetrical buildup of painful fat and swelling in the limbs, sparing the hands and feet.

     Lipedema is not an obesity disease, but a disease of the adipose (fat) tissue that can lead to obesity. It’s clinical diagnosis is an adipose tissue disorder or lipid metabolism disorder. Lipedema occurs almost exclusively in women and usually presents with major hormonal changes.  It occurs in women of all sizes ranging from seriously underweight to morbidly obese, being thin is not a guarantee that someone does not have Lipedema. Undiagnosed, misdiagnosed or untreated, Lipedema causes many co-morbidities –  number one of which is obesity.